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VanGo Sliding Jury Assembly

VanGo Sliding Jury Assembly

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Our sliding base is a unique solution to a common problem in a mobile office and answers the question, "How do you keep the chair secured while the vehicle is being driven?"  While others have resorted to bolting the chair directly to the floor or using bungee cords, we saw an opportunity to create something new, useful and valuable for the mobile professional.

The sliding base is comprised of a steel jury base bolted to a pair of “seat sliders”.  These sliders are similar to what you would see under the front seat of any passenger vehicle.  When the sliders are unlocked by pulling up on the handle, the base can be moved toward and away from the desk.  This allows the user to find the ideal ergonomic seating position.  When the handle is released, the seat sliders automatically lock into place.

Let’s face it, not every location is going to have a perfectly level place to park your mobile office.  Our sliding base will keep you comfortably at your workstation so you can get your work done.


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