The Client: Draxxon

Draxxon is a specialty vehicle builder that constructs command centers in cargo vans, trailers, and other vehicle types. Their two biggest markets are law enforcement and the energy sector, with public safety being the most important focus. Additionally, they specialize in drone innovation and also work with oil refineries and the military. Draxxon first heard about Gonomix while looking for a fixed-mount seat that was high quality and easy to use. They didn’t want to give up the comfort and ergonomic benefits of an office chair, but also didn’t want their chair to move around while the vehicle was in motion. After looking at a few options, Draxxon recognized the quality of our products, since everything is built for rugged conditions, and decided that Gonomix was the best fit for them.


The Challenge

When Draxxon began searching for seating options, they were looking for a fixed-mount solution to be installed in a vehicle. They didn’t want a huge base and wanted the chair to have the ability to slide forward and backward. After exploring a lot of different options, they chose Gonomix’s Sliding Seat Base because it correlated with everything that they were trying to accomplish. A bonus benefit is the chair cylinder which keeps the chair from spinning while the vehicle is in motion. Tyler Ackerman, Draxxon’s Director of Business Development, stated that “we thought it was a quality product. Most of our products are made for a rugged environment, which is very similar to Gonomix. Your products are used consistently and have held up over time”.


The Journey

Prior to contacting Gonomix, Draxxon pursued the use of an office chair on a 5-star rolling base typically used in office spaces. However, since the vehicles are in constant motion, Draxxon wanted a product that could clamp down the rolling chairs. The products offered by Gonomix provided an upgraded option since an office chair could be installed to a fixed mount base, allowing for adjustability without sacrificing comfort. Draxxon has been using Gonomix sliding seat bases and ergonomic chairs for two years in a variety of drone command station builds.


The Results

The Gonomix Sliding Seat Base and ergonomic office chair have become a part of Draxxon’s overall solution when they upfit vehicles with drone command stations. They are proud of the high-quality finishes and builds and know that our products meet their high standards.


"Customer service has been great. You guys are easy to reach out to and you get the product to us quickly, which is important." – Tyler Ackerman


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