Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership

The Client: Community Action Partnership of Northeast Missouri

Since 1965, Community Action Partnership of Northeast Missouri (CAPNEMO) has worked toward reducing poverty. Armed with a recent Client Needs Assessment that cited lack of reliable transportation as a primary barrier to service, CAPNEMO realized the best way to serve their community was to travel to them.


The Journey & The Solution 

CAPNEMO has a lot to offer, but since many of their programs require forms and documentation of need, it became clear that the best way to serve their community was to travel to them. CAPNEMO purchased a VanGo 800 Series desk for their outreach vehicle in 2021. The CAPNEMO outreach van now regularly visits all five counties in rural Missouri that they serve. Edna Witlock, the CSBG Director told us the desk was “holding up great” and was “very sturdy, especially considering they drive on a lot of rural roads”. Edna also told us the story of a single mother of four who was really struggling. This mom had not applied for assistance since she couldn’t get to the office to complete the necessary paperwork. With the help of the Outreach Van, her four children were equipped with all the gear they needed for their first day of school.

The Results 

Having a mobile office in their outreach vehicle made the difference for this family and countless others in the communities that CAPNEMO serves. The incorporation of ergonomic mobile offices is more than just a logistical upgrade; it’s a statement of commitment to community empowerment. Helping companies, government agencies, and non-profits overcome barriers and reach their clients is part of the business we are very proud of.


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