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Ckezepis Law

The Client: Ckezepis Law

Ckezepis Law of North Carolina offers a unique service to those buying homes in the Huntersville area. They call it: Mobile Closing. Justin Ckezepis, the founder of Ckezepis Law, started his business after spending more than four years as a real estate agent. During his real estate career, Justin realized how convenient on-site closing would be to homebuyers and began offering it in the back of his Jeep after opening his law firm.

The Challenge

Justin originally used the back of his own car for closings. He “worked out of the back of [his] Jeep with a car battery, inverter, and laptop”. But this setup was small and destined to be outgrown. He couldn’t use a desktop, dual monitors, or keyboard; Justin could only use his little laptop to complete closings, which was hugely uncomfortable for him, and not ideal for both Justin and his clients.

The Journey

Once Justin realized his mobile closings needed more space than his Jeep provided, he bought a Ford Transit van and began searching for a mobile workspace that could fit his car and his needs. He needed a mobile office that offered him the same features as a traditional desk while being suitable for the road. After searching and searching, he finally landed on the Gonomix website.

The Solution

Gonomix was able to advise Justin on which desk would fit in his specific vehicle, and walked him through the whole process, from order to delivery. Justin appreciated that he was able to “communicate with [Gonomix] directly” while also communicating with his local upfitting company for installation. He also appreciated that Gonomix had the knowledge of what would work for his specific vehicle. Justin bought three VanGo 800 mobile offices and uses them on average 3-6 hours a day, depending on the day’s activities. He bought from Gonomix because no other company had as “an extensive line of products.” He was happy that Gonomix helped meet his goal of having “an office on wheels”.

The Results

Since receiving his desks, Justin’s mobile closing business has gained increased availability, organization, and space. His mobile office allowed Justin the opportunity to the preference, many homebuyers have for a less traditional closing experience. Justin’s mobile closing service, now upfitted with Gonomix’s mobile offices, actually gained business during the pandemic years of 2020–2021.


"Having the ability to maximize efficiency by using the VanGo Mobile Office, there is no limit to what the future can be for Mobile Closings!"  – Justin Ckezepis


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