Building a Mobile Office

Building a Mobile Office

Building a Mobile Office 

Working on the road in a well-designed mobile workspace increases efficiency, productivity, and the ability to serve customers’ needs. Since you or your client will be spending a significant amount of time in the mobile office, it’s important to accurately determine needs before purchasing, because poor design can negatively affect productivity and health. 
If you’re not sure where to begin the process of creating a mobile office, this checklist will help. It provides a step-by-step guide to help you to design the perfect mobile office for your unique needs. 

1. Determine Your Interior Space Requirements 

There are many things to consider when figuring out how much space you’ll need in your mobile office. Do you need space for…? 
Product samples 
Hosting customers 
File space 
a black car key and car key remote connected by a silver key ring

2. Select the Right Vehicle for the Job

Do you… 
Work in rugged terrain or harsh winters a 4-wheel drive crew cab pickup truck  
Work in an urban area or use parking garages a small or mid-size van, 4-door sedan, or an SUV  
Have a large amount of equipment or work with customers in your mobile workspace a full-size van 

3. Evaluate Your Mobile Office Equipment Requirements 

Do you use a… 
External Monitor 
Cell phone charger 
Docking station 
Specialized or testing equipment 
Paper shredder 

4. Assess Your Lighting Needs 

Proper lighting and computer glare is often overlooked but it is critical to avoid eye strain. Working in a vehicle adds even more challenges. 
                                                        Will you be working… 
a doodled green light bulb floating over a hand
On a computer 
In bright sunshine 
In the evening 
For extended periods of time  
With paperwork 

5. Determine Power Requirements 

Other types of power equipment may be needed to accommodate your mobile office needs.   
Based on the answers in 3 and 4, will you be using…? 
Power outlets 
USB Outlets  
AC/DC Power Inverter (needed for computer equipment) 
Auxiliary battery (needed for added electrical power) 

6. Other Considerations 

Safety, work conditions, and climate are also important to think about. Safety equipment, HVAC and insulation may be needed if you… 
Work in extreme hot or cold climates 
Work in a cargo van 
Idle your engine for extended periods of time 
Now that you have a better understanding of your mobile office needs, contact us at 847.566.4949 or Our experts are ready to help make your mobile office design a reality!  
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