Aerospace User Story

Aerospace User Story

The Client: Aerospace Manufacturing Co.

An American defense contracting company came to Gonomix in need of a mobile office solution. This defense company manufactures parts and engines for jets, often ones owned by the United States military. 

The Challenge

This company is located on a very large property. Due to the sheer size of the land, employees need to use a vehicle when moving parts from one end of the property to the other. However, after transporting parts, associates also need to log that product has been moved. In the past, completing these logs was often difficult because associates routinely completed them in the small space of their vehicles. This meant they had to balance their laptop on the steering wheel of the car while sitting cramped in the front seat. If this wasn’t frustrating enough, employees needed to drive back and forth to their brick-and-mortar offices often. This was clearly not an ideal set-up, and they needed a solution, fast. 

The Journey

The journey to a solution began when associate, frustrated by his cramped quarters, Google searched, “mobile units for vans”, out of curiosity. Our name, Gonomix, came up, and he decided to explore our page.

The Discovery

He quickly saw our photos and knew he liked what he saw. He imagined the huge difference a mobile office would make for his work life, and decided he wanted to learn more about our VanGo desks.

The Solution and Implementation

After talking with our team here at Gonomix, he discovered that a VanGo 800 would best suit his needs.

A VanGo 800 would work best for him, because of the size of his van, and the type of work he would be doing. He ordered his desk, and when it arrived, he successfully installed it into his van. 

The Results

Everyone loves his new desk. He says it “feels 100% better” than sitting in the “cramped position” he was in before, and that the “space” is the best part. His mobile office even has a printer, so his van has truly turned into an office on wheels. Now, thanks to Gonomix and his initiative, the transport of parts from one end of their facility to the other has never been easier. No longer do employees have to suffer in uncomfortable and physically damaging positions. No longer do they have to dread logging transports. Now transit and record keeping is painless. 
We are happy to have provided an effective solution that has solved this Aerospace Industry company’s problem of cramped quarters and are excited to watch them grow while free and unencumbered by their previous frustrations.


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